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Blind Rivets

What Is a Blind Rivet?

Blind rivets bolt materials together by inserting into a hole on one side of an object and bolting it from the other. Blind rivets have a tubular design with a mandrel through the center. After pushing the “blind” end through a hole in the materials being joined, a special riveter pulls the mandrel back out through the tube. This forces the end of the rivet to expand and the mandrel to break off, leaving a tightly installed rivet.

Whereas solid rivets require access to both sides of the part being joined, blind rivets are installed through only one side. In addition to excellent holding strength and stability, blind rivets enhance products’ aesthetic appeal since they’re only installed on one side of the workpiece.

Types of Blind Rivets


OEM Fastening Systems carries many different varieties of POP blind rivets. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly option or the strongest hold, we carry the right blind rivet for your application.

  • Open-end rivets: The most basic and cost-efficient rivet; however, it does not seal against water

  • Easy entry rivets: These rivets incorporate unique mandrel heads, making them good for oddly shaped or misaligned holes

  • Soft set rivets: These elastic rivets work well with soft or brittle materials

  • Multi-grip rivets: Used for rivets with unknown lengths, multi-grip rivets compress during installation to reduce their back end’s size, allowing them to adapt to varying material thicknesses

  • Closed-end rivets: These rivets seal the end of the mandrel inside the rivet, making the rivet watertight

  • Ultra grip rivets: These rivets incorporate high shear and tensile strengths, and their locking features prevent mandrel loosening

  • High retention rivets: These rivets offer improved mandrel retention and rattle resistance

  • Pull-thru rivets: These rivets are flush set on both sides, and the mandrel head does not remain in installation

Common Applications for Blind Rivets

Consumer Goods

Blind rivets appear in household appliances such as stoves, air conditioners, and refrigerators. Blind fasteners also assist with many household tasks, including installing gutters or hanging certain types of ceiling materials.

Fastening Materials

Blind rivets fasten materials on structures or products that have only one accessible side. This feature is particularly important for the manufacture of signs, furniture, ductwork, and enclosed lighting.

Industrial Applications

Blind rivets are indispensable in industries such as aviation, automobile manufacturing, oil and gas extraction, and prefabricated building construction. Because of their durability, water resistance, and ability to withstand harsh conditions, blind rivets appear across many types of industrial production. They can stand up to both indoor and outdoor harsh environments that appear in many industries.

OEM Fastening Systems Has Blind Rivets For All Occasions

Whatever your needs, OEM Fastening Systems will help you find the right type of blind rivet for your project. We also carry a full line of installation tools for blind rivets, no matter the scale of your production.

Contact us today to discuss your project or request a quote.


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