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Rivet Tools

What Is a Riveting Tool?

Riveting tools encompass a range of tools used to install rivets, including rivet guns, hand rivet squeezers, power tools, hands tools, and rivet gauges. All play a part in the creation of essential components for a variety of industries.

It's critical to select the proper riveting tool for a project and application. Without the correct riveting tool, rivets may not be firmly installed or may not be able to be installed at all. OEM Fastening Systems offers a wide range of fasteners that have been specially designed to work with riveting tools for successful installation and application.

The OEM team has served the fastener needs of the global marketplace for 50 years. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, which begins with providing our clients with the best components on the market and the tools required to use them.

Types of Riveting Tools

A variety of riveting tools see use in projects worldwide on a daily basis. At OEM, we offer a wide selection of riveting tools that have been hand-selected by our team from a variety of trusted manufacturers. We're proud of our diverse product line, which has been tailored to meet our clients' varied needs regardless of industry or application.

Because we offer a range of tools featuring interchangeable settings and accessories, we can help clients grow their tool systems cost-effectively. When demand increases throughout a project as efforts move from the prototype stage through to full-scale manufacturing, our products can evolve and grow with you.

POP® Rivet Tools

We are an official distributor of POP Rivet Tools. Our POP riveting solutions include:

  • Power Tools
    These POP ProSet power tools feature a lightweight, polymer construction that offers excellent force-to-weight ratios. POP power tools allow production lines to operate at full speed without sacrificing ergonomic benefits. Clients can select from pneumatic, air-hydraulic, battery, and manual power options.
  • POP Rivet Tool nosepieces, jaws, and jaw pushers
  • POP Manual Rivet Tool Series
    This set of manual riveting tools can cover the needs of a broad selection of applications while still providing durability, quality, and reliable results.

Advel® Rivet Tools

We also feature a full line of riveting solutions from Advel, including:

  • Hydro-Pneumatic Hand Tools
    This series of quality hand tools enables highly efficient fastener installation.
  • Vertical Riveters
    Ideal for applications that require top-down riveting.
  • Single-Head Workstations
    Advel’s ergonomic workstations provide shock-free riveting and can accommodate the entire range of Advel Speed Fastening Systems.

A Trusted Riveting Tool Distributor Since 1969

OEM Fastening Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is proud to serve as a stocking distributor of custom, standard, and non-standard specialty fasteners. We have made strides to align with several of the world's top fastener manufacturers, including Stanley Engineered Fasteners—it is this partnership that allows our clients access to POP brand tools and rivets.

We are a Factory Authorized Repair Center for both POP Rivet Tools and Atlas tools. Unlike many other distributors, we also stock repair parts for discontinued POP Rivet Tools products. Aside from Atlas Tools and POP Rivet Tools, we actively work with a range of other industry leading fastener and rivet manufacturers. We are a stocking distributor for:

  • Atlas Rivnuts
  • Avdel
  • Atlas Lock Nuts
  • National Rivet
  • Stimpson


OEM Fastening Systems offers a full line of rivet tools to meet the needs of any operation. Our product line enables our clients to develop blind riveting systems that meet stringent application requirements. If you're interested in learning more about our services, request a quote or contact us today. Our staff will be happy to speak with you about your individual needs and goals and work with you to create custom solutions.


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