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Speed Fasteners

Also referred to as hollow bore rivets or mandrel-loaded rivets, speed fasteners are a type of blind rivet that functions similarly to standard break-mandrel rivets except they lack mandrels. Instead, speed fasteners incorporate mandrels into the rivet-setting tool, which allows them to be installed much faster than standard blind rivets.

Typical speed fastener design includes a broad grip range for secure attachment, achieving a clamp throughput up to four times greater than traditional fasteners. Speed fasteners often come in either a mushroom-shaped head or a countersunk form depending on their intended use. Their design characteristics make them ideal for a wide range of assembly applications.

Speed Fastener Design Features

Speed fasteners provide a number of advantages when it comes to boosting product output during assembly. Here’s a closer look at some of these features and their advantages:

  • Greater hole size tolerance: Rather than resorting to a wide range of different standard grip fasteners for the various assembly phases, speed fasteners enable a single rivet to be used throughout installation. In addition, some brands ensure maximum hole fill via rapid expansion when installed.

  • Multi-grip capacity: Speed fasteners can use their multi-grip capacity to fasten various types of material that can’t be welded or otherwise bonded. They also fasten materials of varying thicknesses.

  • Lightweight: Because of their low weight, speed fasteners are quicker and easier to install, contributing to improved product performance.

  • Tapered tail: The tapered tail on speed fasteners enables them to quickly slide through holes without hanging up or binding.

  • Can accommodate softer materials: Brands with larger bearing areas allow you to fasten softer materials without tearing.

  • High-speed assembly: Using repetitive mandrel systems contributes to high-speed assembly and improved production output.

  • Single-sided installation: Some speed fastener brands can accommodate single-sided assembly.

These design features have made speed fasteners an essential element in many high-output assembly and manufacturing applications.


Common Applications of Speed Fasteners

Many industries use speed fasteners to optimize their assembly processes and improve product performance. Some common uses of speed fasteners include:

  • Domestic appliances: Washers, dryers, refrigerators, and counter-top appliances

  • Electrical equipment/electronics: Power supplies, tools, disconnect boxes, and electronic devices

  • Cars: Steering components, heating and air conditioning, bumper covers, and lighting

  • Airplanes: Fuselage assembly, electronic components, and avionics

  • Computer chasses

  • Furniture

  • Toys

  • Casings

  • Injection-molded components

  • Sheet metal

  • General light fabrication

Speed fasteners benefit any application that relies on standard fasteners but seeks greater efficiency during assembly. Their uses are limited only by the possibilities of riveting itself.

Speedier Riveting at OEM Fastening Systems

OEM Fastening Systems offers a wide variety of speed fasteners to meet the needs of many different applications. We offer our clients the very best in terms of product quality and customer care.

Contact us to learn more about how OEM Fastening Systems can boost your manufacturing productivity, or visit our website to request a free quote.

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