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Welding Fasteners

Many industries and applications rely on welding fasteners to create high-strength, permanent connections between steel machinery and its attachments. Manufacturers often select between fasteners based on their efficiency and ability to produce unbreakable welds with a given piece of machinery.

OEM Fastening Systems offers a full line of welding fasteners designed to achieve superior performance in any application. We sell a range of projection weld pins and weld screws, and spot weld pins and weld screws are also available for purchase.

Types of Welding Fasteners

Applications throughout the manufacturing, construction, appliance, and automotive industries (to name a few) call for the effective use of threaded fasteners. In many cases, fasteners need to form a stronger attachment to a sheet metal surface than what self-clinching fasteners, rivets, or rivet nuts can achieve. Scenarios like these call for weld fasteners.

Whether your application exists in the light, medium, or heavy industrial manufacturing fields, weld fasteners can be used to ensure the safety of the employees and equipment in your plant. Everything from trailers and conveyors to subassemblies, framework, and weldments benefit from the proper use of weld fasteners, as these tools can work with all items manufactured from steel or sheet metal.


Weld fasteners are sold in a variety of forms. Usually, the best type of weld fastener for your application depends on the types of machinery to which it is applied. OEM Fastening Systems offers several varieties of weld fasteners, including:

  • Weld pins
  • Weld nuts
  • Weld screws

We also build projection and spot welding fasteners for arc welding applications. Projection weld fasteners produce strong, precise welds by using two flat electrodes outfitted with projections to compress and fuse materials. This makes projection-welded fasteners beneficial to work performed in corners or other tight areas.

Spot welding, on the other hand, uses fasteners without projections. Spot welding uses either a rocker-arm or a press-type resistance welding system to weld directly to a piece of sheet metal. Fasteners used in these applications provide a hermetic seal and are outfitted with ring projections that circle around the flange of weld components.

Experts in Fastening Solutions Since 1969

OEM Fastening Systems is an ISO certified stocking distributor of custom, standard, and nonstandard specialty fasteners. We have the expertise and knowledge to consult with clients on how to get the most value from their fasteners.

Our team analyzes several essential factors during the factor selection process, such as:

  • Application type
  • Weld fastener material
  • Parent material
  • Base design
  • Type of welding

We provide clients with much more than just competitive pricing and a vast inventory. Our team can achieve quick turnaround times and draws from extensive product knowledge throughout the decision-making process. Our customer service capabilities place us far above our competition.

Learn More About Our Custom Fastening Solutions

At OEM Fastening Systems, we’re proud to send high-quality custom fastening solutions all over the world. Our full line of fasteners enables customers to develop blind riveting systems to precise specifications and tight tolerances.

If you would like to learn more about how our team will help you optimize your fastening requirements, contact us or request a quote today.

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